Energizer Batteries Charges



Base LED Charger IndicatorBasic


ehp value combo 432x376value
PROehp pro comboPRO

Great compact choice for saving money versus buying single-use batteries again and again, Wall outlet. 

Charge Time : 8 Hours 

Battery Types : AA , AAA

Advance features and affordability combine to create this great value. Wall Outlet

Charge Time : 5 Hour

Battery Types : AA , AAA

High-performance charging - and great saving disposable batteries. Wall outlet     

Charge Time : 3 hours

Battery Types : AA, AAA 


ehp 1 hour combo 432x3761hour


ehp universal combo 432x376Universal



ehp universal value combo 432x376

Charges aa AA and AAA Energizer Recharge Batteries in 1 hour or less. Car and Wall Outlet.

Charge Time : 1 Hour or Less

Battery Types : AA , AAA

Universally flexible and versatile, this one charge can change several battery sizes. Wall Outlet

Charge Time : 2 Hours

Battery Types : AA , AAA , C , D, 9V



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